If you have just recently moved into a retirement community in Maple Ridge, you might be wondering how different holidays will look in a new environment. As Halloween approaches quickly, people of all ages look forward to the fun costumes, haunted houses, parties and movies. As a senior, there are many ways you can celebrate this holiday in a healthy and safe manner, while still enjoying it with your friends at Greystone Manor

Here are 4 safe and fun ways to celebrate Halloween at a Maple Ridge retirement community

Decorate your retirement suite with spooky and safe decorations

When living at Greystone Manor, you can fully customize and personalize your suite with decorations that you love. To get into the spirit of the Fall season, you can create DIY wreaths with your favourite dry leaves and Fall foliage. If you want to add some spooky decorations to celebrate Halloween, you can put small figurines, jack-o-lanterns, fake cobwebs and bats throughout your suite as well. Remember to stay away from items that could be a fire or tripping hazard, and even items that can cast scary shadows in the dark. 

Attend Halloween-themed activities and events

Living at a Maple Ridge retirement community means that you will have access to Halloween-themed activities and events right in the comfort of your seniors living community. The recreation coordinator and Greystone Manor staff will be sure to have some fun during this holiday as there are lots of spooky yet creative ways they can plan games. If you want to do something quieter, you can watch a scary movie either by yourself or with your friends to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Eat and distribute healthy candy and treats

As trick or treating is always a big highlight of Halloween, you don’t have to miss out when you have moved into a seniors living community in Maple Ridge. In most cases you will have a neighbour beside your suite that you can “go trick or treating” at. To partake in this fun activity, you can also leave a bowl of candy outside your door or even stay in and distribute them to your friends and neighbours at Greystone Manor. However, it is a good idea to choose treats that have health benefits such as dark chocolate which is lower in sugar compared to the other chocolates and even packs some immune boosting antioxidants.

Create a comfortable yet fun Halloween costume

Whether you enjoy fully dawning a new personality along with your costume, or like to participate by wearing something easier such as a hat or shirt, dressing up for Halloween is something all ages enjoy. Regardless of how long you will stay in your costume, it is important to wear something that is not too complicated or may obstruct you in any way. You want to ensure you can still perform your daily tasks, and can move around freely. 

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