With Christmas just around the corner and it being the season of giving, you might be stuck on what to give your senior loved one. Whether it’s your grandparent, mom or dad, friend, or even your neighbour, you could still be running out of ideas on what they would enjoy as a present during this special time of the year. If you don’t want to choose something generic to give them, especially if they reside in an independent or assisted living community in Maple Ridge, you may be able to get some thoughtful suggestions to gift.

Here are 5 most thoughtful gifts for seniors living at an independent or assisted living community in Maple Ridge:

Activities and games

When spending more time indoors, you might be looking for something to keep your loved one occupied when they are spending time in their suite at Greystone Manor. As cognitive activities such as crossword puzzles and trivia will keep them occupied, they will also help retain their memory and stay up to date with current knowledge. Jigsaw puzzles and card games also have a similar effect and can also be done with their friends or family members. 

Tickets to events

As wintertime is also a great season for fun activities, your senior loved one might love tickets to events such as a Christmas market, light showings, theatre performances, the cinema, a museum, or any other holiday-themed event, could get them even more excited. These events tickets could also allow them to spend quality with a loved one outside of the independent or assisted living community in Maple Ridge

Personalized gifts

Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way, especially when your senior loved one puts a high value on well-thought out gifts over the monetary value they cost. With how easy and accessible it is nowadays, a gift with your senior loved ones’ name could go a long way. Having a special item or memorabilia engraved could be a great idea. If you are feeling crafty, you could write a heartfelt letter, make a painting, create a scrapbook or even a digital slideshow with photos you have together. 

Easy-to-use electronic devices

Living at an independent or assisted living community in Maple Ridge can get even more enjoyable if you have access to electronic devices that can keep you busy and sociable from time to time. If they enjoy listening to music or podcasts and the volume is not clear enough or loud enough, your senior loved one could benefit from a new portable speaker or a Google Home. If they have a passion for reading and have way too many books to store, an e-reader or subscription to Audible could be a great gift, especially if they have trouble with how small the font size is in a paperback or hardcover book.

Indoor activity gifts

Depending on which hobbies your senior loved one enjoys doing, there are a multitude of potential presents you can give them. If they like to stay on top of their fitness regime at an independent or assisted living community in Maple Ridge, maybe a new yoga mat or fitness clothes is perfect for them. If they enjoy cooking or baking then a new cooking pot, bakeware, or recipe book could be what they would like. 

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