If you are moving into a retirement community, you may have made that decision based on a change in the type of seniors housing you need. If you or your senior loved one has been doing some research to prepare for the move, you may have come across some common misconceptions or myths about independent or assisted living services in Maple Ridge.

Here are 6 common myths about assisted living we hear:

Myth #1: Assisted living services will make seniors lose their independence

If your freedom or independence is something you or your senior loved one value, you can rest assured that you will still be able to maintain while living at Greystone Manor. Although you can arrange for assisted living services at this independent retirement community through the public health authority in your region, you are not obliged to use them if you are able to care for yourself.

Myth #2: The food at my retirement community will be repetitive

Living at home or with your family has probably gotten you used to a nice home cooked meal. However, when you move into the Maple Ridge retirement community, you won’t have to compromise that at all. All the food is freshly prepared, flavourful, and nutritious to keep you satisfied and healthy.

Myth #3: Seniors won’t be able to pursue their passions

At Greystone Manor you can expect your senior loved one to live an enjoyable life with the support of the various amenities and recreational activities organized at the Maple Ridge retirement community. If they are passionate about a specific hobby, they can talk to the recreation coordinator about allowing them to do it onsite.

Myth #4: Assisted living services are only for seniors who are sick or disabled

Assisted living services are not only for seniors who are sick or disabled. They are there to support any resident who may need a bit more care or attention while performing specific tasks or activities. You should not feel bad or guilty for using assisted living services when you are not sick or disabled.

Myth #5: Family and friends won’t be able to visit me at the retirement community

You don’t have to worry about being lonely or isolated from your family during your time here at the Maple Ridge retirement community. Your family and friends are more than welcome to come and spend some time with you, whether it’s in your suite or anywhere else around the seniors retirement community.

Myth #6: Seniors won’t be able to personalize their suite at a retirement community

If you’re worried about leaving your favourite or most cherished items at home, you can bring them along with you into your suite at Greystone Manor. You are allowed to decorate and personalize your suite with personal items that provide you sentimental value and help make your new home feel comforting to you.

If you’re looking to find the right seniors community in Maple Ridge, for you or a loved one, book a tour at Greystone Manor Retirement Residence today! Contact cnoble@ppsl.com or call 604-467-2808 today to learn more. We look forward to getting to know you!