With the official start to winter just around the corner, on December 21st, you might be excited for the Holiday season and all the cozy activities and family gatherings that come along with it. Despite all the fun and exciting events coming your way at the Maple Ridge retirement community, it’s important to remember that the season also has a harsh side which includes chilly winds, heaps of snow, and freezing temperatures. It’s crucial to take extra proper precautions during this time to avoid any risks to your health and safety.

Here are some ways you can prepare for the cold weather season at a Maple Ridge retirement community:

Dress warm when heading outdoors

During the cold weather season, dressing warm can save you from potential heat loss or hypothermia you may experience. Wearing light, layered and loose-fitting clothing underneath your winter jacket can provide you with warmth when spending time outdoors for longer periods of time. Since as much as fifty percent of body heat is usually lost through the head, bundling up with a toque or warm hat is also a good idea. Lined gloves and socks can also prevent you from losing warmth in your fingertips and toes as those areas tend not to get as much blood flow as the rest of your body.

Be careful of slippery outdoor conditions

With cold weather, an increase in slick and slippery surfaces is more common to come by when you are outside. Due to the buildup of snow and ice on the sidewalks and walkways, it’s even more important to ensure you are taking it slow as you walk and are accompanied by another individual who can help you in case you slip. Falls are more likely to occur during the cold weather so if you can avoid it and only go outdoors when the sidewalk is properly shoveled and salted, you are giving yourself more protection in the long run. Thankfully your Maple Ridge retirement community is one step ahead of you and thinks about your safety at all times as they ensure the property is cleaned and safe to walk around.

Stay on top of your immunizations

It is important to always schedule regular checkups with your doctor and to stay on top of any immunizations you may need. Nobody likes getting sick and with modern medicine providing your body with the right support to help boost your current immune system, a quick pinch on your arm doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Seniors with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to catching colds and the flu or even more severe illnesses such as pneumonia, so it’s best to prevent them as much as you can from the beginning.

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